“Thrilling, immersive, and powerful, Red Flags is a wonderful novel.”—Olen Steinhauer, New York Times bestselling author of The Tourist and The Nearest Exit

“I love thrillers. Mostly I read history. Red Flags was the best of both. This is not only an espionage thriller but a fascinating and extraordinarily authentic look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of a wry army cop. You will hear the thumps of the Chinook rotors and feel the Kalashnikovs’ bullets buzzing past.”—Keith Thomson, New York Times Bestselling author of Once a Spy

“In Red Flags, Juris Jurjevics has brilliantly accomplished a feat that is becoming a major characteristic of 21st century literature: the seamless combining of a genre form with the deep resonance of literary art. This book is thrilling to read for both its narrative drive and its insight into the human heart.” —Robert Olen Butler, author of Hell

Red Flags is a gripping tale of adventure and mystery set in the backdrop of the complexity and corruption of the Vietnam War. Jurjevics’s extensive research and first-hand experience in Vietnam result in a story that is both amazing and, at the same time, believable. A great read!” —Doug Bey M.D. 1st Inf.Div Vietnam 1969-1970, author of Wizard 6

“To step onto the pages of this intriguing spy tale and haunting war story is to feel the swelter of the rain forest, the menace of enemy patrols, and the maddening duplicity of supposed allies. Red Flags is a richly rewarding hitch in harrowing territory. Enlist immediately.” —Dan Fesperman, author of Layover in Dubai

“Jurjevics has achieved the seemingly irreconcilable by bringing the Vietnam War back, and simultaneously making it new. He has found new dangers in Vietnam–like it needed them. It’s a great thriller, and a great heartbreak, like its subject matter.” —Jim Morris, author of War Story

Red Flags is an unforgettable novel. A classic. I rank it with the very best of war literature.“—Walter Abish, author of How German is It and Double Vision

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