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Only Funny If It’s Dangerous

The guys in the 101st Airborne liked their jokes dangerous. In the spring of 1974 I was at the Gramercy Park Hotel attending my first sales conference as a senior editor with a major publisher. I had high hopes for … Read the rest of this entry

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Instead of Shaking My Hand

George Ruckman, Juris Jurjevics, Mo Moser [?] the late Glen Casperson I recently came across¬† two interviews with the Dean of Faculty at the Virginia Military Institute, Dr. Alan Farrell, conducted by VMI student cadets for a course in Military … Read the rest of this entry

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Tiger Medicine

The local civilian militia (CIDG) claimed they’d just happened to hear something walk through their night ambush site. More likely the only thing they’d ever been planning to ambush was animal, not human. The giveaway was the condition of the … Read the rest of this entry

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